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I'd like to introduce you to a new member of staff here at chebe studios, her name is Felicity.

Felicity is not a head-strong woman, and fairly quiet conversationally, which means we get on swimmingly! And while she is a different size to me (including smaller in almost every regard), she is also far less shy, and as such has agreed to model all the clothing I make.

Speaking of which, I'd like to talk about what Felicity is wearing today. The top is simply an old RTW vest-top I bought years and years ago. The bottoms however, are my first attempt at making the knickers from Colette's Nutmeg (#1011).

They are the top set, the set of bottoms from View 1.

Interestingly the end product is a fair bit longer than the diagrams led me to believe. Although this could be down to something I did. I made these out of cheap black satin, that I largely ruined during the prewash. But instead of letting it all go to waste I decided to use them for 'wearable mockups', only really meaning simply that they're not intended to be my really good undies.

These knickers are in four parts; two front, two back, each cut on the bias. You sew the centre seams together, then the side seams, add the picot elastic at the waist, and finally hem the legs. (I have yet to add the crotch lining. One of these days I'm going to get around to dyeing my cotton-jersey.)

Sounds simple, but I've learned quite a bit from doing these up. Mainly that slippery fabrics and/or fabrics to be cut on the bias need to laid out and cut on single layers. But even then something can still go wrong. Here I'm joining the front and back pieces by the crotch seam, only they don't exactly line up. I just trimmed back the excess and continued on regardless.

Also, slippery fabrics really respond well to pressing your seams before you sew them (although that does take a fair bit longer). I finished the seams with something like narrow hems (can't think of the name right now), pressed open. And then finished the leg openings with a narrow hem. I am definitely benefiting from this practice. And I'm going to enjoy making up a few different pairs/styles of these. Colette have done a couple of tutorials on possible variations; here, here, and of the tap-pants version here.
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