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I've had more adventures in Sugru! Some good, some not so good. You can see the previous post here.

I bought some new packs, of black and white (which I haven't used yet, tut), and they sent me a nice little booklet full of helpful information. It has a chart of what colours to mix in what proportions to give you other colours! It has a section on texturing for a better grip, and they tell you that soapy-water is a release agent!

Here are the headphones to be Sugru'd. On the very left is a pair of cheap (free) old-style in-ear headphones that are simply very uncomfortable to wear.

To the right of them is another free set of headphones, but these are the newer ear-bud style. They came with various sized 'buds', but these are the largest, and they still just keep falling out of my ears.

The two pair of headphones to the right were good headphones (one in-ear, the other in-ear with sporty ear-wrap) that at one point got pulled out of my bag too roughly, and lost one of the rubber rings about the ear bit, leaving exposed sharp bits of metal that were highly uncomfortable.

I moulded some Sugru around the ear-pieces, in some cases attempting to mould to the shape of my ears. The verdicts?

> The first pair ended up simply too big for my ears, so won't be using them.

> The second pair (the ear-buds) I think ended up the best. The larger size means they don't fall out of my ears, and because the structure of the underlying bud is hollow it can squish down if it needs to be smaller in parts.

> The third pair (with the ear-wraps) turned out very well as well. The Sugru took off the sharp edges and they're almost as good as new.

> The fourth pair are pretty good as well. The Sugru is a little smoother, and more likely to slip, than the original pieces, but they'll do nicely.

Then I looked at my favourite old boots. The heels have become so worn that it is actually difficult to walk in them without twisting my ankle. I figured, hey, let's build that heel up with Sugru! Here's the heels before;

And here's the... no, wait. I tested them before taking a picture. Turns out that the pressure from my body on each heel, at each step, throughout the course of the day resulted in the Sugru crumbling off and disappearing altogether. So sadly this seems like it's not a good use for the stuff.

My attention wandered to another pair of boots. These boots must be slightly too big, because my heel keeps half-slipping out, and rubs really badly against the seam where the leathers and plastics meet. Resulting in blisters, if not bleeding, within a couple of hours. No matter how thick my socks. So I grabbed the Sugru, three sachets in each boot, and left to dry.

This actually works really well. It keeps my foot from moving around too much, and provides a smooth surface if it does. I didn't mould it perfectly, so it's actually a bit too tight in places so I might end up redoing it. But overall, this seems to work quite well.

Onwards to more Sugru adventures!
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