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I've had more adventures in Sugru! Some good, some not so good. You can see the previous post here.

I bought some new packs, of black and white (which I haven't used yet, tut), and they sent me a nice little booklet full of helpful information. It has a chart of what colours to mix in what proportions to give you other colours! It has a section on texturing for a better grip, and they tell you that soapy-water is a release agent!

Earphones )

Boots )

Onwards to more Sugru adventures!

Sugru'd video goggles

2011-May-12, Thursday 05:00 pm
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Now I'm sure you've already heard of Sugru. I got a pack at MakerFaire, and only just around to using some. Inside the big pack you get twelve little packs in different colours.

Pics! )

But, yes, Sugru, teh awesome. Ten more sachets to play with :D (Hopefully before it expires.) Have you used Sugru? What did you use it for?

*edit* Having looked through the Sugru gallery I now intend to fix all my half-broken pairs of earphones!
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