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2014-Jan-20, Monday 09:00 pm
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Our hackerspace is currently showing off some projects at the Exchange. Among the projects are the constellation quilts we made for MakerFaire Dublin last year.

Between this and that the second quilt never got wired up. So I did a quick job wiring the lot up with crocodile leads, connected them to a LilyPad microcontroller power petals, which was plugged directly into the mains via FTDI adapter to mini USB cable to mains-USB travel adapter plug. *gulp*

Back of one of the quilts with LEDs messily connected together with crocodile leads.

Temporary quilt wiring
Photo by chebe

Here are the quilts switched on. Orion (on the left) is running off of battery (and properly connected via conductive thread) and is much brighter than Cassiopeia (on the right) which is plugged into the mains (via LilyPad). This is something I've noticed before, when running off USB power the LilyPad projects are much more dim than when running off batteries.

The constellation quilts (Orion on the left, Cassiopeia on the right) hung and lit up.

Constellation quilts on display
Photo by chebe

I'm going to try and dig out a battery connector and add it to Cassiopeia. Problem then is that someone in the Exchange is going to have to keep charing and changing batteries. Hmm...

View from street through window of the Exchange. The quilts are visible on the back wall, behind other LED projects from TOG.

Display at the Exchange, from street
Photo by chebe

So if you get a chance pop down to the Exchange and have a look. They're a great group and do some really cool stuff. You'll be glad you did.


Date: 2014-01-20 10:25 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]

Wonder if the brightness difference is due to current or voltage or just differences in the circuit? Experiments needed. But I guess the Lilypad was always designed for (wearable) battery power.
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