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I think that's right, yeah. There's a festival this weekend called Prototype, which focuses on play and interaction. There are some interesting talks and performances ranging from games, to analogue human interaction, and even some wearable tech. Niki and I are running a workshop tomorrow morning, teaching the basics of soft circuits.

We're going to be making pet stars. Now, we all know that stars like to shine, but they have to feel safe and loved (go watch/read Stardust). And pets like being petted and cuddled. So when you pet your pet star it shines brighter! If you poke too hard the lights go off. If you do a good job the star will purr! (Turns out a star purring is a lot like lights twinkling.)

Here's the prototype I did up. The real ones will be much nicer, have proper felt, and be more cushiony.

A blue felt star, with a silver star in the middle with a trail of white LEDs

Pet Star - prototype
Photo by chebe

The components needed are just a Gemma, a 1K resistor, three LEDs (all the same), and a soft pressure switch. I've made these from zelt conductive fabric (backed onto silver satin) with velostat sandwiched inbetween.

Parts; Gemma, 1K resistor, three LEDs, soft switch, felt

Parts needed (oh, and a battery with jst-connector)
Photo by chebe

Back view showing the conductive thread circuitry

Pet Star - back view of circuitry
Photo by chebe

I'll take some photos of the proper finished pieces at the workshop. And if the workshop goes well I'll do up detailed instructions on how to make your own.
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