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2014-Nov-11, Tuesday 07:54 pm
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The Knitting'n'Stitching Show has come and gone. I was only there briefly, but still managed to achieve my goal: acquire a new sewing machine. I also picked up a tote bag kit from Gléasta (they had a much greater range of fabrics and colours at the Show than are currently on their website. Hopefully they'll update it soon.) You know, to put my new machine through its paces. It did admirably, and now I have a new sewing bag!

A tote bag hanging on back of a chair. Bottom is purple cotton, rest is white vinyl with images of thread and buttons all over it

Finished Bag
Photo by chebe

The kit, very conveniently, comes with everything (except thread and tools), pre-cut, and ready to sew. The upper-outer fabric (with the pattern) is a soft vinyl, the lower-outer is a dark purple cotton (that seemed almost starched), and the lining is regular poly-cotton. It comes with very stiff Vilene interfacing next to the outer fabric, and wadding next to the lining.

Tote kit in clear plastic bag

Gleasta tote kit
Photo by chebe

The instructions are quite basic, so this is by no means a "learn sewing" kit. But they were sufficient. The most confusing part was how to collapse the corners; basically into a T-shape, like this. Sew across the clipped corner, and it's done. Oh, and when you're adding the magnetic clasp, the Vilene they want you to cut is the extra little squares included.

Half made bag inside out (Vilene visible), with corner pinched by blue clip

Pinch corner
Photo by chebe

Did I mention that this bag is very brightly coloured? The lining is bright, bright, bright green, and the inside patch pocket is a soft pinky-purple. The threads I ended up using were; Gutermann 336, 373, 716.

Inside view of bag, with bright green lining, purple patch pocket, and magnetic clasp visible

Colouredy insides
Photo by chebe

I'm quite pleased with how it turned out, and thoroughly enjoyed the process of making it up. The new machine handled the vinyl, Vilene, and umpteen layers without any effort. I'm adoring the auto-anchor-stitches, the thread trimming, and that the needle always stops down, in the fabric. It just makes things easier, which makes sewing faster. But I really am going to have to work on keeping my lines straight, no excuses anymore. The whole thing took me four hours. ... I already have my next bag ready to be stitched.

View of bag on grey sofa

It really is a very colourful bag
Photo by chebe


Date: 2014-11-12 09:09 pm (UTC)
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so what machine did you pick up?
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