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Seamwork's Aberdeen is a v-neck, batwing sleeve, t-shirt. The front is one piece, so no need to worry about matching patterns. The back is two pieces, and also features a v-neck, which I think is a nice touch.

I need to practice adding v-necks. There's a little bubble at the front point, and the back ones didn't quite line up. Also, because I hate hemming, I half-assed the hem with just a single turn and zig-zag stitch.

But, it's cute and comfy. I made it up in a light t-shirt weight stretch jersey. I picked up this fabric as a remnant while on holiday in Vancouver years back. The print is busy, but monochromatic, so sufficiently moody for my tastes.

Aberdeen top, flat, front

Black-grey-white v-neck t-shirt
Photo by chebe

Here's a quick pic of the top worn (paired with the Manila leggings from yesterday). I made up a Large, but there's so much ease I'll probably make the next one in a Medium.

Aberdeen top and Manila leggings worn

Aberdeen t-shirt, and Manila leggings, on me
Photo by chebe

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