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I'm new to using knits (or, at least, trying to understand knits). And I'm new to underwear. So I'm starting small. With smalls. Kwik Sew's 2100 in fact. And I'm going to go through it in great (probably painful for you) detail.

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Lace, Glorious Lace

2010-Dec-07, Tuesday 08:51 pm
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I ordered some lace; some stretch, some fabric, some trims, 12 days ago, and it arrived today! I ordered from Deb's Lace & Trims for the first time. Not only is the site pretty, they have an extensive range of lace fabrics and trims. And I was delighted to discover that their prices are, generally, for 5-yard lengths, making it quite good value.

They, like many online-stores in North America, calculate international postage based on cost of goods purchased. Unless you are in the business of selling large items like furniture this is normally a very bad deal for your international customers, and has more than once put me off purchasing from some sites. Seems they under-calculated the cost, and took the extra cost from my Paypal account without asking. Be warned.

When the package arrived most lengths were wrapped around cardboard, and held closed with a pin. This worked very well, except in the case of the stretch laces where minor damage was inflicted. Wrapped in plastic inside plastic, the packaging held a smell of smoke, but the fabric was fine. All-in-all I'm quite pleased.

One downside is that they don't list the fibre content. So, to Claire Shaeffer's Fabric Sewing Guide! Lace can be made from a variety of fibres, but considering the low cost of my lace the most likely fabrics are cotton, polyester, rayon, acetate, and nylon. As well as something stretchy for the stretch laces. To pre-shrink it is recommended to place the lace, if a small trim, in the foot of an old nylon stocking (also known as tights), and larger lace fabrics in pillow cases that are sewn shut. Machine-wash and dry following manufacturers recommendations. As I don't have any of those I'll probably wash about 30/40-degrees-Celsius on a delicate cycle. And experience tells me tumble drying anything with stretch shortens its lifespan considerably. Excellent, a plan is formed.
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