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2011-May-11, Wednesday 11:15 pm
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Do you have a spare ten minutes? Would you like to fill them with a little beauty and awe? Here are three time-lapse photography videos. You won't regret watching them.

#1 Pieces of Dublin: link

#2 Spanish mountain: link

#3 Aurora (it's so beautiful I cried I really have to go): link

The last two were by the same guy. Just, wow. This is the kind of thing that makes me go "yes, this, want", so maybe when I get some time freed up I'll start working on a time-lapse project *fingers crossed*
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Sometimes you find something that is just so awesome you have to share. I actually found this ages ago, but it has just sat in my bookmarks folder while I got distracted with work and college. But no more! No, now I set it free! Free to inspire others as it has me!

This company is amazing. Here are some samples at their website:

And they even have a couple of Instructables:

I hope you enjoy!
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