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These are some of my on-going projects (images are clickable and link to relevant post). This blog is about these, as well as other random and more disparate activities, including; embroidery, adding LEDs to clothing, and wearable soft circuits with conductive thread.

Gertie's Sew-Along:
Gertie runs a fantastic retro fashion and sewing website. She is running a Sew-Along starting in December (get your materials sorted now!), targeted at beginners, in which I and a couple of friends will participate. See posts with this tag.

LED Matrix Top.

See other Lilypad Arduino and Arduino projects. For more information see the Arduino website.
Drawstring A-Line skirt.

See other skirts. Working mainly from Sew What! Skirts book.

Square Stitch bracelet.
See other beading posts. Working mainly from The Beader's Bible book.

Another on-going project: Finding out all the (fashion) fabric shops in Dublin. If any ever add the ability to purchase online I'll add a '*', but don't hold your breath.

1. Hickeys, Henry Street.
2. Trimmings at The Woolen Mills, Lower Ormond Quay.
3. Murphy Sheehy & Co., Castlemarket & Dún Laoghaire.
4. TWI International, Mountjoy Square East.
5. Studio 54, Blackrock.
6. Roisin Cross Silks, Dún Laoghaire.

- The Wooly Way's Textile Map of Ireland.

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2010-Jul-12, Monday 10:32 pm
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Welcome to my workshop!

I'm a very curious woman. I spend much of my free time investigating, researching, trying things out. My curiosity isn't limited to one area either. I try my hand at baking, candle making, jewellery, embroidery, tshirt printing, and regular sewing. I also like to play with Arduinos (especially the Lilypad), am teaching myself electronics, and am intrigued by e-textiles, fashionable technology, and anything sound/music related.

Much of the time I am likely to be mumbling about computer technologies and my frustrations or delights with, specifically linux, software, and other random things.

Almost all posts are public, access-locked ones are just more personal, or about things I don't feel that confident about (like my photography or drawings).

I'm also member of a makerspace/hackerspace called TOG, and am on a mission to bring them the love of crafts!

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2010-Mar-15, Monday 11:47 pm
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Welcome to the journal of my passions, interests, and hobbies.

This currently encompasses many things from Arduino, Lilypad, and wearable and fashionable tech of most descriptions, aspiring to something both functional and decorative. I like to sew and create costumes, but rarely post the results. Sometimes really fun things like paint/pigments with fancy chemical properties grab my attention. As well as all manner of crafty things, like jewelery and candle making. But mostly you'll find me waffling on about computer technologies, linux, software, and random tech. As well as projects spurred on by my hackerspace.

Almost all posts are public. There are very few personal posts, although I do consider all these projects and posts very close to my heart and soul. I don't mean this to be a formal journal; please comment, discuss, dispute, argue, or simply get to know me more. There may be large gaps in time between posts, but that only means I'm busy working on something to tell you all about :)
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