Passport Cover

2011-Jan-07, Friday 08:24 pm
chebe: (StormyThoughts)
Recently in college I studied a paper on RFID tags, which reviewed, poked, and prodded the security of a couple of newer tags. Well, it got me concerned. I pulled out my somewhat dusty copy of 'Switch Craft' and pulled up the project on making passport covers.

How to )

The idea is that the tin-foil layer will create a Faraday cage around your passport while it's in the holder. There is some conflicting research as to whether thin sheets of metal that close to UHF RFID tags actually dampens the signal, as it does for HF tags, or whether it actually amplifies the signal. Until I get a spare few thousand euros I won't be able to buy the readers and test for myself, so as with most things, buyer beware. I'm not especially worried, but that's because I still have the old pre-RFID passport for a couple more years. Hopefully I'll have this technique perfected by then.
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