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Ah, the Butterick 6031 slip sew-along. In one sense I'm behind. In another, I'm finished. See, I forgot for a moment that pattern company sizes are not regular sizes, and got the pattern in the wrong size. But, after measuring (myself, and the pattern) it became clear that the pattern included quite a bit of wearing ease. Which I would find unusual for a regular knit fabric, let alone the two-way-stretch knits we're actually using. So I chanced my arm and made up a toile in the largest size included.

I used some two-way-stretch knit I had laying around, which is just a bit heavier than the kit fabric. It doesn't really fray so I could skip most seam finishes. And I couldn't find any of my lace, so I made do with just some quarter-inch elastic.

What I did differently from the instructions;

  • the top edge (of the cups and the back) is simple folded over elastic (zig-zag stitch the elastic to the inside top edge, then fold inwards (hiding the elastic) and zig-zag stitch again). I also snipped the elastic at the point of each cup, stitching/folding-over each side separately to get a nice point.

  • I stitched the front body directly to the cups, leaving out the lace. It's doable, you just have a much smaller seam allowance than for the rest of the slip.

  • I skipped the bottom lace and slit, and just hemmed with a single-fold and double needle.

  • I made self-fabric non-adjustable straps; like bias strips, only cut on the crossgrain for knit.

Butterick pattern #6031, slip, made from a green, blue, grey, overlapping circle print two-way stretch knit, laying flat on table, front view

Butterick 6031, slip, flat, front
Photo by chebe

Butterick pattern #6031, slip, made from a green, blue, grey, overlapping circle print two-way stretch knit, laying flat on table, back view

Butterick 6031, slip, flat, back
Photo by chebe

Close up of the bust cups section, outside view

Slip, cups, outside
Photo by chebe

Close up of the bust cups section, inside view

Slip, cups, inside
Photo by chebe

It is a bit minimalist, but the non-fussy nature just makes it seem that much more wearable to me. This is a size fourteen with D cups. It's officially about two sizes too small. Yet fits very comfortably, and can be gotten into and out of easily. The side seams are a teeny bit stretched, but I'd have no problems suggesting anyone go down at least one size in this pattern. That is, if you like form-hugging knits. (I think it's a waste to use a two-way stretch knit just to avoid having to put in a fastening. At least the closer fit makes use of the other features of the fabric.)

The knit used is just about heavy enough to be a non-underwear fabric, and without the tell-tale lace details, well, my 90s self would like to wear this out dancing. She probably won't get her way, but I do adore this slip/lounge dress. It's so comfortable, and the different sized cups provided means I actually have something that fits properly with very little effort! I think with the actual fabric I'll narrow the side seams a bit, just to take the pressure off. But otherwise, I'm very happy. Talk about your wearable toiles!
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