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In sad news, it appears my new sewing machine and I will not be immediate bffs just yet. I am rather appalled at how it has handled stretch knit fabric and elastics.

I finally got around to making up a test of the panties to go with the Butterick 6031 slip. The last part of the sew-along is here.

The pattern is very simple and straight forward. A good fit and style. (Clearly much better than my attempt at the Kwik Sew 2100 panties.) But as this is just a test I swapped the waist stretch lace for folded-over elastic, and just hemmed the legs without any elastic.

Front view of the panties

Photo by chebe

Back view of the panties

Photo by chebe

You can plainly see how wavy the elasticated waist is. And it gets worse. The underside of the stitching kept knotting. The tension in the instructions was much too loose. But tightening it only helped a little, then it started deforming the stitch. The very first thing the machine did was eat my fabric. (And did so again a couple of times after that as well.) I couldn't use the zig-zag stitches as they broke the instant I tested the seam. I had to use the stretch (aka lightning) stitch, but I discovered when trying them on that it wasn't any better.

Close up of a seam with bad thread knotting

The horror!
Photo by chebe

Seeing as how my old cheap-as-chips manual machine handled the whole slip better than my new one did just the panties, I figure there must be some trick to operating it I have yet to learn. But it is disappointing, and frustrating, to say the least.
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