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This weekend I began the journey towards trousers. I'm taking the long route, so I started with some pull-on knit shorts. Simplicity 1429, view E; long (knee-length) shorts, with acres of material. I can't quite figure out why this pattern is knit-only. Nothing stretches (except the elastic wasitband). I could have made this in a lightweight non-stretch woven and only the drape would have been affected.

Otherwise though, cute lounge shorts. There are soft pleats in the front, darts in the back, and a blind hem, of which I will only say that I need more practice. A lot more.

I also added the waistband to the wrong side, and had to unpick it. A narrow zigzag stretch stitch on a thin rayon. It took a very long time. And then, I put it back on inside out, and could not face unpicking it again. Most people don't go around inspecting each others wasitbands though, so it should be okay.

I made it in a featherweight jersey called Fushia Dakota knit, 95% rayon/5% spandex. (Which made machining the blind hem extra fun.) Comfy, light; I can see the full length trousers working well in hot weather.

It is extremely full, next time I'll try a smaller size. And I'll add side-seam pockets. There's plenty of room, don't know why they weren't added in the pattern.

Simplicity 1429 pull-on knit shorts (view E) in Fushia Dakota knit, flat, front

Fushia jersey long shorts, front, with soft pleats
Photo by chebe

Simplicity 1429 pull-on knit shorts (view E) in Fushia Dakota knit, flat, back

Fushia jersey long shorts, back, with darts
Photo by chebe

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