Sewing Forward

2011-Jan-11, Tuesday 01:26 am
chebe: (Spools of thread)
I don't like making predictions as to what I'm going to do for the entire year. For one, I'm too often swayed by whim, doing what I want instead of what I should. For two, I'm no good at it, failing to take into consideration many, many factors. So instead I'm going to share with you my to-do list for the first half of this year.

1. Finish the knit tunic. Kwik Sew 3496, view A.
Status: front and back joined together, but is way too large, need to make smaller. Done.

2. Complete the sew-along, run by Gertie. Colette Crepe 1013, view 2.
Status: cut out the underlining, still trying to find a suitable fashion fabric. Done.

3. A light summery top, so-called BoHo Peasant top, 1043 by Hot Patterns.
Status: still locating materials.

4. Colette cami, slip, bralette, and knickers. Cinnamon 1012 and Nutmeg 1011. I'm going to do up the cami with the French knickers, the bralette with the tap pants, and the slip by itself.
Status: going to make them separately. First up, the knickers.

5. Bloomers, simply because the word amuses me. One pair, polka dot bloomers, from 'Sweet Nothings', and another pair, the Madeleine mini bloomers, from Colette.
Status: still locating materials.

6. Stretch lace projects from 'Sweet Nothings'. Including; venus tanga, narcissus, sugarberry, sassafras. All but the last are knickers.
Status: preparing materials, some dyeing required.

7. Panties, to continue the trend. Kwik Sew 2100.
Status: 1st pair made. And subsequent pairs need to be made smaller.

8. And for something completely different; Negroni Men's shirt, Colette 1014, view 2.
Status: still locating materials. This is more involved than the others, likely to be left to last.

Phew. Hmm... it will probably take longer than six months now that I look at it. Anyone got any sewing/crafting plans of their own?

Colette Patterns

2010-Nov-11, Thursday 09:07 pm
chebe: (AliceWithTea)
Ha! Coincidence! My Colette pattern arrived today. That's six business days since ordering! And I have to say, it is by far the nicest pattern I have ever seen. The cover seems made out of something like wedding-invitation quality paper. This cover is a cross between an envelope and a DVD case, inside (and attached) is a booklet, full of instructions and explanations. The pattern pieces themselves are in a little pouch at the back. I'm blown away by it, truly. Pure luxury. Can't wait to get started making up the dress!
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