Seasonal LED kits

2014-Feb-05, Wednesday 12:40 am
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At TOGs birthday party (you weren't there?! You missed awesome cake!) rob showed me a new kit he's come up with for February.

Soldering kits )

Completed LED shamrock circuit board, viewed from an angle to highlight the LEDs reflecting in the gloss surface

LED shamrock plaque, angled to show LEDs reflecting
Photo by chebe

*dusts off hands* Back to working out some Arduino problems...
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I've been learning to solder. Not out of thin air, I had learning aids.

Three kits within... )

And added bonus? The solder that came with the first kit was enough to do all of them, and even have a tiny bit left over. So, now that all my circuits work successfully I guess I can claim to be able to solder. Not the prettiest work you've ever seen, but certainly functional. Onwards, and upwards.
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I actually thought I was getting something else when I ordered this from MakerShed. Don't ask me how, but what I saw in that photo was three large round beads, with surface mount LEDs inside, covered with, and strung together with a kind of crotchet. What it actually is is a cuff of satin and netting, with regular, small, LEDs under three pieces of (flat) beading work. Not to my own personal taste, but weirdly it is growing on me.

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Overall this kit took me 9-10 hours (a third of which I spent on the beading alone), which is quite good value in my opinion. And overall it's a good idea; the light from the LEDs is diffused and refracted through the translucent seed beads. Also, I like the idea that an item can look good in both day and night, without having to sacrifice one. A good exercise.

Electrical kits: LED Art

2010-Jan-28, Thursday 03:38 pm
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I have recently seen the wisdom of following specific projects before trying to create your own from scratch. And as I am currently trying to find time to learn about electronic components, circuits, and soldering, I thought I'd try a couple. Seems the quality varies greatly. I bought a couple of kits from MakerShed, including the LED Art Kit, from blinkybug. This is what you get:

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